Engineering Streets for Safety

More than 70 percent of severe and fatal collisions occur on just 12 percent of San Francisco streets. Vision Zero SF aims to tame streets with higher collision rates and prevent tragedy when people make mistakes. Engineering projects in support of Vision Zero incorporate effective safety improvements like protected bike lanes, wider sidewalks and reduced traffic speeds. The goal is to calm traffic, enhance visibility and improve the organization of our streets.

One of the first commitments to advance Vision Zero was to complete 24 priority projects in 24 months; the City surpassed that target and completed 30 priority projects in 24 months.  To maintain the momentum, a new set of priority projects have been identified although this time the list goes beyond engineering–it includes education, enforcement, evaluation and policy efforts as well.

Many projects are already underway or completed. You can follow our progress for making safer streets and safer road users on this map.